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Workers' Compensation Specialists

The Bridges Law Firm stands above the rest in its compassionate legal representation of workers who have been injured on the job.

At Bridges Law Firm we proactively and aggressively work to obtain for injured workers the medical and wage benefits that they are entitled to under the California Workers' Compensation Law. ALL Employers and Insurance Companies have professionals working for them. Thus, getting us on your side is crucial for you to protect your rights and to maintain your ability to support yourself and your family in this process. We have years of experience in fighting for the rights of injured workers. You do not have to face the legal process alone. We are here to help you with service that stands out from above the rest.

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What Is Covered by California's
Workers' Compensation Law?

The Worker's Compensation system provides benefits to workers who injure themselves on the job or who suffer from occupational diseases.

These benefits can include:
  1. Monetary payments as a means of support when they are not able to work 
  2. Medical treatment for recovery from the injury 
  3. Monetary payments for permanent disability resulting from the injury
  4. A monetary voucher for schooling and education in cases where the nature of the the injuries do not allow for return to regular or altered work (for injuries before 1/1/13)
  5. Monetary payments for their families, in the event of death as a result of an industrial accident, and a burial allowance
  6. Protection from discrimination because of the injury by the employer and/or the the employer's insurance carrier

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What is the Legal Process When There is a Dispute About Workers' Compensation Benefits?

When a dispute arises regarding your worker’s compensation benefits, you should contact an attorney.  

However, in general this process may involve the following:
  1. An administrative hearing at the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) to resolve the dispute.
  2. Representation of the worker by attorneys, like ourselves. 
  3. During this legal process both the worker or his attorney and the employer or insurance carrier can communicate with each other to informally resolve the dispute.
  4. A non-jury trial can occur before an Administrative Law Judge at the WCAB where both parties can present information in support of their position about the claim.
  5. If either the Injured Worker or the Employer are not satisfied with the ruling of the judge they can make an appeal referred to as the Petition for Reconsideration.  
  6. If either party is still not satisfied with the ruling they can appeal to California Supreme Court.

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