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Why Your Employer is Fighting Your Workers' Comp Claim

You've been injured or gotten sick on the job. You filed a workers' comp claim the way you should. But, now your employer is fighting your claim. Why is that happening? And, what can you do about it? In this blog post, we try to answer those questions and give some suggestions for what you can do to recover the money you deserve after getting hurt or sick at work. Read more

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Seeking Workers Comp for Strain and Repetitive Motion Injuries.

Working a job that requires manual labor can be hard on the body. Jobs that require you to strain your muscles may be better for your heart than a desk job, but they also come with certain risks. If you haul boxes or handle machinery, you know there's a certain percent chance of injury. That's why businesses have worker's compensation insurance in the first place. Read more

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Many Californian employees work long, backbreaking hours to help local businesses succeed. They're proud of the labor they give to help these companies to thrive. Unfortunately, some people learn after a workplace accident that employers may not appreciate their loyalty, hard work, and dedication. Read more

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